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October 26, 2009



Are you just finding out about Deadmau5 now? This guy (he is only like 27/28 or something) is amazing with electronic music... I didn't really like that kind of stuff until I saw him spin at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, March 2008. I've also gone to Cielo and Webster Hall shows, too.

And yes... he's got a sound-interactive mousehead he wears now and again during his sets.

Oh and... Deadmau5 will be here in NYC around Thanksgiving. :-)


Hey Gary! Thanks for the note! No no I had heard Deadmau5 many many times but never this version of the track. I totally dig him and can't even believe how incredibly talented he guy is. It's insane. Who else are you totally digging right? What's been on repeat on your ipod? I'm always looking for recommendations so lemme know. I'm all ears. Hope you are good, buddy.

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