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July 28, 2009



That was really beautiful. So was Jenn.
She and I had a real roller coaster of a friendship. Some serious ups and downs.
We grew close, grew apart, grew up, and grew close again. We came full circle, Jenn and I. I learned what it meant to forgive and be forgiven from Jenn. I learned how to leave the baggage behind.
I loved her.
I'm not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but she took me for who I was, despite our issues,without judgment.
And I never expected to lose her when we did.
I can still hear her laugh. That sound is like a tattoo that won't fade. Each and every time I think of her- it fills my head and my heart.
I never want to lose that.
And somehow... I don't think Jenn will let me:)

Martin Montgomery

The best thing about Jenn was that if you were in her presence, she made you feel loved and that you mattered. She did this by smiling, giving wonderful hugs, eager to listen, laugh with you and always willing to engage you in the eye. Her smiles and ability to see me and love me for me no matter what will always remain alive in my heart and my memory of her. Lastly, I will always remember the way she loved Tony. Truly inspiring!!! Sweet Jenn, you are missed and still loved!!!

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