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May 9, 2007



I've always wanted to try a mint julip, but have been afraid of a bad one. So I'd love the perfect mint julip recipe!


Another thing with summer approaching, how's about a nice frozen ice cream based drink, like something with Bailey's or Kahlua.


Hey ladies - Great Ideas! I've passed the info along to the man with the shaker and we'll see what he whips up. I really appreciate your responding. love. xoxo.


i can't wait to read how RJH makes these:
-SEX on the beach
-buttery NIPPLE
-SEX with an alligator
-brain FART
-red-headed SLUT
-PANTY dropper
...and for dessert, how 'bout a
-flaming ORGASM

on second thought, i'll just have a miller lite, thanks.

Dan M

What about makin a mocktail for the non-drinkers- geesh!

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